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Serial Peripheral Interface SPI : Advantages and Disadvantages

This web tutorials section contains overview and brief explanation of Serial Peripheral Interface SPI. User can select appropriate content index which is required to improve user's knowledge.

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» Valid SPI Communications and Interrupts
» Advantages and Disadvantages
» Applications

* Full duplex communication

* Higher throughput than I²C or SMBus

* Complete protocol flexibility for the bits transferred

o Not limited to 8-bit words

o Arbitrary choice of message size, content, and purpose

* Extremely simple hardware interfacing

o Typically lower power requirements than I²C or SMBus due to less circuitry (including pullups)

o No arbitration or associated failure modes

o Slaves use the master's clock, and don't need precision oscillators

o Slaves don't need a unique address -- unlike I²C or GPIB or SCSI

o Transceivers are not needed

* Uses only four pins on IC packages, and wires in board layouts or connectors, much less than parallel interfaces

* At most one "unique" bus signal per device (chip select); all others are shared

* Signals are unidirectional allowing for easy Galvanic isolation


* Requires more pins on IC packages than I²C, even in the "3-Wire" variant

* No in-band addressing; out-of-band chip select signals are required on shared buses

* No hardware flow control

* No hardware slave acknowledgment (the master could be "talking" to nothing and not know it)

* Supports only one master device

* Without a formal standard, validating conformance is not possible

* Only handles short distances compared to RS-232, RS-485, or CAN-bus

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